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Savings Plan

The Savings Plan is a voluntary plan available to all employees of a participating Y, regardless of age or hours worked.

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Retirement Goal

Sidebar: Saving for Retirement in 3 Simple Steps
403(b) Smart Account

The most powerful and effective strategy for saving for retirement is to pay yourself first by opening and making contributions to a 403(b) Smart Account. Even if you are not yet eligible to be enrolled in the Fund, you may still begin building your retirement savings.

Contributions to a 403(b) Smart Account are taken from your pre-tax pay, through regular payroll deductions. This allows you to put off both current and future taxes until retirement. You’ll have to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes on the amounts you contribute, but you do not have to pay federal income tax on your contributions, or on the account’s earnings, until you withdraw them from the Savings Plan (state tax laws vary).  

To open a 403(b) Smart Account, or to change your contributions to a current account, complete the form and submit it to your Y’s human resource or payroll department.  


Whether you are a new employee or have been working at a Y for a while, you may roll over money from qualified plans into a Rollover Account. Learn more about rollovers.


While you are working for a participating Y, you can borrow from the Savings Plan. Learn more about loans.