Discover the publications below for a more thorough explanation of the Fund and external resources.

2021 Annual Report

A summary of the year’s activities.

A guide for YMCA employees who are planning to leave and/or retire from the Y.

Investment Policy and Investment Guidelines

The philosophy and principles that govern the investment management of the portfolio of the YMCA Retirement Fund.

Online Security Tips

You can reduce the risk of fraud and loss to your retirement account by following these
basic rules.

Plan Document: Retirement Plan

Restated Effective November 15, 2012 (Including Amendments effective through November 18, 2021)

Plan Document: Savings Plan

Restated Effective January 1, 2009 (Including Amendments effective through November 18, 2021)

Summary Plan Description Booklet

A booklet containing the Summary Plan Descriptions for the two Plans sponsored by the YMCA Retirement Fund, summaries of various procedures, and a glossary of terms.

Tax Status of the YMCA Retirement Fund

An explanation of the YMCA Retirement Fund’s current tax status. This one-page description is what the Fund sends to banks and financial institutions when they request to know the qualified status of the Fund’s Plans.

Your YMCA Retirement Fund: One Fund, Two Plans

An overview to explain the basics of the two Plans, and the advantages of building savings with the Fund.