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December  09, 2016
Contribution Limits for 2017

The federal government sets annual limits on the amounts you can save for retirement. Determine the maximum amount you can save in 2017.

November  17, 2016
Interest Credit Announcement for January-June 2017

The Fund's Board of Trustees approved 3% annualized compound interest.

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Major U.S. Equity Index Results for 2016

Major U.S. Equity Indexes

Despite the high volatility, low return investment market environment we are in, the YMCA Retirement Fund manages its portfolio according to its long-term investment philosophy and objectives. Account balances and annuity payments continue to be protected. From January-June 2016, participants received 4% annualized compound interest credits, and from July-December 2016, participants will receive 3% annualized compound interest credits.

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Retiree Profile: Molly McGregor

"SAVE! It’s important for your future…participate fully in The Fund!"

--Molly McGregor, Birmingham Metropolitan YMCA

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Retiree Profile: Phil Wortman

"One word is key: 'Compounding."

-- Phil Wortman, YMCA of West Central Florida

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