How The Fund Works

How the Fund Works

One of the primary benefits of working for a Y is that you can build your savings with the YMCA Retirement Fund.

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Retirement Goal

In the course of your Y career, you might move from one Y to another, but your savings will stay at the YMCA Retirement Fund.


The Retirement Plan is a 401(a) defined contribution account balance plan. This means that your benefits are defined by the amount contributed to your accounts during your career, plus the interest credited to these accounts.

  • Eligibility

    To be eligible to be enrolled in the Retirement Plan, you must have completed 1,000 hours of service during each of any two 12-month periods, beginning with your date of hire. These two years do not have to be consecutive. You must also be at least age 21. Once you are eligible, your Y will enroll you in the Retirement Plan and you are immediately vested.

  • The Retirement Plan Accounts

    Contributions to your accounts in the Retirement Plan are based on your salary. Your Y chooses a total contribution rate, (anywhere from 8 to 12%) which may be paid in full by your Y or shared with the employee.

    For example, if your Y chooses a 12% total contribution rate, it may either decide to pay the full 12% to your YMCA Account, or pay 7% to your YMCA Account and require you to pay 5% to your Personal Account


As an employee of a participating Y, you can participate in the Savings Plan. This plan is not subject to the same eligibility rules of the Retirement Plan.

  • 403(b) Smart Account

    You can open a 403(b) Smart Account from your first day of employment, regardless of your age or hours worked. This account allows you to save money on a pre-tax basis through payroll deduction. Click here for more information on the 403(b) Smart Account.

  • Rollovers

    Whether you are a new employee or have been working at a Y for a while, you may roll over funds from qualified plans, tax-deferred annuities, deferred compensation governmental plans, Traditional IRAs, SEP IRAs or SIMPLE IRA plans into a Rollover Account in the Savings Plan. However, rollovers of Roth IRAs are not accepted. Click here for more information on rollovers.

  • Loans

    While you are working for a participating Y, you can borrow from the Savings Plan. Click here for more information on loans.


If you are no longer working for a Y, you can start a lifetime annuity as early as age 55. You can decide whether to take an annuity or a distribution with the monies saved in either the Retirement Plan or Savings Plan, while leaving your money in the other plan to continue to earn interest. These decisions can be made for each plan at different times.