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*NEW* Resources to Help You Administer the Fund Benefit

The Learning Hub on YERDI is home to a library of resources created specifically to help you and future Local Plan Administrators navigate the process of administering the Fund benefit to your staff. These resources are great for someone who is new to the LPA role, someone who is looking for a refresher, or even a seasoned LPA looking for a helpful tip or two. Log in to YERDI, click on the Home tab, and then select Learning Hub from the left-hand navigation. If you have any questions, please contact us at

YMCA Retirement Fund Overview
Participation Rates
Universal Availability
Eligibility & Enrollment
Unique Eligibility Cases
The Definition of Compensation
Contribution Payments to the Fund
Updating Employee Information
Loans & Hardship Withdrawals
Processing Employees Who Leave The Y
Retiring & Then Returning to Y Employment
Auditing and Tax Reporting