The YMCA Retirement Fund was incorporated in New York in 1921. As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, the Fund is organized and operated for the purpose of providing retirement benefits for employees of participating YMCAs throughout the United States.

The Fund offers two plans to help YMCA employees build their retirement savings: the 401(a) Retirement Plan and the 403(b) Savings Plan. The 401(a) Retirement Plan is a multiple employer, defined contribution, money purchase pension plan and is also a church plan. You must meet the age and service requirements to enroll in the Retirement Plan. The Fund also sponsors the 403(b) Savings Plan, a multiple employer retirement income account plan and also a church plan as defined in Section 403(b)(9) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Savings Plan consists of the Tax-Deferred Account and Roth Account, and it is available to all employees of participating Ys from their first day of employment. You can also roll money over to the Fund and into the 403(b) Savings Plan. ​For more than 100 years, we have kept our commitment to safety, security, and protected lifetime retirement income.  Your contributions are invested by the Fund for the long-term. Participant account balances have never gone down in value and monthly retirement payments have never been missed, even in times of market volatility.

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The mission of the YMCA Retirement Fund is to partner with YMCAs to help those who serve others build a foundation for financial security in retirement.


Generations of YMCA employees approach the future with anticipation and confidence.


The YMCA Retirement Fund was incorporated in 1921 by a special act of the legislature of the State of New York.

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