Change of Address, Phone Number, or Email Address

Log in to YERDI to make these changes in the Non-Financial section under Modifications/Terminate.

Change of Name

Participants must complete a Change of Name form and send it to the Fund along with the required documentation listed on the form.

Change of Marital Status
Change How to Handle
Single to
Participant can call the Fund at 800-RET-YMCA.
Married to
Participant must send a copy of their divorce decree and the property/separation agreement.
Fax: 646-458-2550.
Married to Widowed
Participant must send a copy of their spouse’s death certificate.
Fax: 646-458-2550.
Designation of beneficiary

For a listing of participants who have not named a beneficiary with the Fund, please download the No Beneficiary Report in YERDI.

A participant can name any individual or entity as beneficiary. To name or update their beneficiary, they can log in to their account online, or complete and mail the Designation of Beneficiary form to the Fund.

If a person is married and names someone other than their spouse, the spouse must give notarized consent.