Are You Financially Fit?

Retirement experts recommend that you save 15% of your annual salary every year, throughout your career, to replace 85% of your final year’s salary in retirement. This 85% comes from all sources: your pension, Social Security, and personal savings. To retire at age 65 with 85% of your income from all sources, you must save throughout your career.

Are you saving enough?

Don’t worry. Time is on your side. If you haven’t opened up a 403(b) Smart Account, now is the time to do so. There is no minimum required amount to get started. Start today and be consistent. Your savings will add up with daily compound interest and your contributions protected against market fluctuations.

Keep it up! If you currently have a 403(b) Smart Account, when was the last time you considered increasing it? Perhaps now is the time to add an additional contribution. It all adds up! Log in to your account and use the Retirement Goal Calculator to determine how much more you need to add to your monthly savings.

Congratulations! Now is the time to think about planning for your retirement. Remember, we have the tools to help you. Log in to your account and run an annuity estimate to see what you can expect in your golden years.