With a focus on long-term investing and portfolio diversification, the Fund is equipped to endure short-term market fluctuations. In times of market volatility, the Fund assumes the investment risk, not you. To maximize returns and minimize risk for career Y employees, the Fund manages its portfolio according to its long-term investment philosophy and objectives. Read more…

Investment Performance: Comparing Fund Net Investment Returns To General Market Returns

In addition to individual asset classes and composite benchmarks, the Fund continuously compares its investment strategies and returns against related investment vehicles and the overall market

Money saved in the Fund is invested through a variety of vehicles to ensure future growth, including exposure to stocks and bonds. These assets are closely monitored by Fund management and Trustees in order to provide the highest level of return, while protecting value. The return on investments enables the Fund to safeguard account balances (risk free) and provide lifetime annuities for retirees.

The mission of the YMCA Retirement Fund is to provide you with a reliable stream of retirement income. Since the Fund’s inception in 1922, account balances have never gone down.

For purposes of understanding relative outcomes, the table below shows the Fund’s performance, as of 12/31/23, in comparison to returns of standard indices:

Returns for Periods Ending
As of December 31, 2023
Total Portfolio  10
Qtr Ended
YRF Actual Return(1) 7.20% 8.74% 9.58% 7.45%  6.29% 5.32%
YRF Composite Benchmark 7.39% 8.83% 9.85% 7.02% 10.61% 5.46%
65% Stocks / 35% Bonds 5.97% 7.16% 8.19% 2.66% 16.21% 9.57%
* Annualized
(1) Net of external manager fees.


Asset Class Range

The Fund’s Board of Trustees sets the investment policy with a target weight for each asset class in the Fund’s portfolio. The numbers in boxes represent fiscal year target weight for each asset class. They also set a range around the target, allowing flexibility to overweight or underweight accordingly and is notated below in the horizontal line for each asset classification. The actual weight for each asset class is represented by the triangle for the period highlighted.

While the position in each range is monitored monthly, the Fund is required to rebalance the portfolio at the end of each quarter if an asset class ends up outside its range.

Targets and Ranges

The Fund invests in a wide range of assets for the purpose of diversification, which results in lower risk. These asset allocation pie charts illustrate the broadest categories of our investment portfolio.