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Saving & Planning Tutorials
Saving for Retirement in 3 Simple Steps

This video will show you how to: set a goal, find the money, and save it.

6 Benefits to Rollovers

Have an old IRA or qualified retirement account? Learn about the six benefits of rolling over money to the YMCA Retirement Fund.

A Lifetime Annuity

Can you see retirement on the horizon? Watch this video to discover the annuity options at the Fund.

Understanding Your Annuity Options
Understanding Your Annuity Options

This video will give you an overview of the Fund’s annuity options.


Meet the Fund
Introduction To The YMCA Retirement Fund

In less than three minutes, you can learn about the benefits offered exclusively to YMCA employees.


Participant Stories
Securing Their Future

Listen to our participants’ stories and learn why the Fund is important to them.


How-To Videos
How To Create An Online Account

In less than two minutes, this video will teach you how to register for an online YMCA Retirement Fund account.

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