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Presenting the YMCA Retirement Fund’s 2019 Annual Report
We invite you to read the Fund’s Annual Report
for Fiscal Year 2019.

The YMCA Retirement Fund is pleased to present our 2019 Annual Report. Fiscal Year 2019 was an important year for the Fund. We said goodbye to John Preis, who led the Fund for 19 years, and welcomed Scott Dolfi as the Fund’s new President and CEO.

The Fund’s 2019 Annual Report features messages from the Fund’s Chairman of the Board Bill Holby, President and CEO Scott Dolfi, and Chief Investment Officer Hunter Reisner. Please click here to read the report.

Established in 1922, the YMCA Retirement Fund remains dedicated to the promise it made to YMCA professionals nearly 100 years ago. We will continue to provide our participants with a safe and secure way to save for their future, so they can enjoy protected lifetime income in retirement. We are proud to be the YMCA’s retirement planning partner.