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A Smart Way to Use Your Tax Refund

If you receive a tax refund this year, you may be looking for ways to use this money. One of the smartest things to do with it is, of course, is to save it.

Save Now, Pay Tax Later

You can use your tax refund to free up some of your current income so that you can increase (or start) contributions to a 403(b) Smart Account. Neither the contributions nor the interest will be taxable until you retire.

Here's How it Works

Take the money you get back from the government and deposit it into your checking account. Use that money to pay your normal expenses. You can then increase your 403(b) Smart Account savings through payroll deductions by the same amount of money over the balance of the year. Not only will you be putting your tax refund to work, you'll be gaining tax-deferred interest over the decades.

The Benefits of Saving Tax-Deferred

Saving tax-deferred in a 403(b) Smart Account at the Fund has multiple benefits. The more money you save, the lower your taxable salary, the less tax you pay now, and the faster your savings will grow!


Get Started Today

Just download this form and complete and return it to your Human Resources Department. Contributions will begin through payroll deduction. You can start, stop, or change the amount at any time and there’s no minimum amount to get started. It's that easy!