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Retirement Goal

Retirement Benefits Update

The YMCA Retirement Fund is one of the best retirement plans available, providing guaranteed retirement income that you can never outlive.

Honoring all who served in the United States Armed Forces

This Veterans Day, we honor those brave men and women who have protected our country.

October is National Retirement Security Month

National Retirement Security Week has expanded to an entire month dedicated to raising awareness on the importance of retirement savings.

Presenting the YMCA Retirement Fund’s 2020 Annual Report

We invite you to read our report for information on the Fund’s performance and outlook for Fiscal Year 2020.

Leadership Retirement Announcement

President and CEO Scott Dolfi’s message on the retirement of two Fund team members.

Honoring Those Who Served

On Memorial Day, we remember the courage of those who served in the military.

Announcing the Interest Credit for July to December 2020

Fund President and CEO Scott Dolfi’s personal video message.

Important Update for Mailing Checks

Please mail checks to the Fund’s Newark Post Office address.

Stay Connected with the Fund

It’s important to update your contact information online.

A Message on the Coronavirus

The YMCA Retirement Fund’s CEO Scott Dolfi shares a message on the Coronavirus.

A Tax Incentive for Retirement Savers

If you save in the Fund’s 403(b) Smart Account, you may be eligible for the saver’s credit.

Five Key Steps to Saving for Retirement

The important steps you can take to help secure the retirement you want.

Maximize Your Retirement Savings in 2020

Learn about the contribution limits for 2020.

Announcing Hardship Withdrawal Rule Changes

The YMCA Retirement Fund’s hardship withdrawal rules will change as of January 1, 2020.

A Message from the Fund’s New President & CEO

Watch this video to learn more about Fund President and CEO Scott Dolfi.

The Benefits of Rolling Over to the Fund

The Fund offers YMCA professionals a safe and secure way to grow their retirement savings.

The Fund’s Annuity: Three Things You Should Know

Learn about the YMCA Retirement Fund’s lifetime annuity, an outstanding retirement benefit for YMCA employees.

Retirement Planning Challenges for Women

The Fund offers insight on the challenges women face in planning for retirement.

Are Women Saving Enough for Retirement?

Women are contributing to retirement savings plans, but many factors put them behind when it comes to how much they save for retirement.