The Benefits of Rolling Over to the Fund

The Fund offers YMCA professionals a safe and secure way to grow their retirement savings

Do you have an old 401(k) or retirement account from a former employer? Often, it can be hard to keep track of these funds once you move on from a job.

The good news is that the YMCA Retirement Fund makes it simple for YMCA employees to roll over qualified retirement savings to the Fund’s tax-deferred Savings Plan.

If you’re thinking about rolling over your retirement savings to the Fund, here are some facts to consider to put your old retirement account in the right place.

Why You Should Roll Over to the Fund:

  1. Simplify Your Savings. Rolling a few accounts into one makes it easier to manage your retirement savings for the future.
  2. Choose Safety and Security. Regardless of the volatility of the market, your retirement savings will continue to grow at the Fund, earning the same interest credits as all other YMCA Retirement Fund accounts.
  3. Protected Lifetime Income. When you are ready to retire from the Y, the Fund will convert your account balances into an annuity, which means guaranteed monthly payments for the rest of your life. Learn more about the Fund’s annuity here.

Things to Consider:

  1. Accessing Your Money. You may withdraw money from your Rollover Account at any time, but you need to be at least 59½ years old to withdraw your money penalty-free.
  2. Borrowing From Yourself. While you are working for the Y, you can borrow from your accounts in the Savings Plan. Learn more about loans here.
  3. Rollovers and Your Annuity. Rollovers that have been with the Fund for ten or more years will be annuitized at the current rate when you begin receiving your annuity. However, rollovers that have been with the Fund for less than ten years will be annuitized at a lower rate.

So, are you ready to roll over your old retirement savings to the Fund? You can start the process by completing this form.

We hope you consider rolling your qualified savings over to the Fund. It’s a safe and secure place to keep your retirement savings protected for the future. If you have any questions, we’re here to help. Give us a call at 1-800-RET-YMCA or send us an email at