How The Fund Works

Words of Wisdom

Let’s meet a few of the thousands of Y retirees who have built financial security by saving in the Fund.

Retiree Profile: Philip J. Dwyer

“Maximize your contributions to the Fund.” –Philip J. Dwyer

Retiree Profile: John Green

“Get into the Fund as soon as you can.” —John Green

Retiree Profile: Lou Falk

"Retire as soon as you can. Don’t be afraid....There is a wonderful life awaiting you, and too many people just don’t get there." --Lou Falk, YMCA of Metropolitan Hartford

Retiree Profile: Kathy Dunn

"Be sure to save extra whenever you can. Your money is safe and secure, and the compound interest is almost magical." --Kathy Dunn, The Community YMCA

Retiree Profile: Bill Ching

"Try to put in the maximum allowed and you will be thrilled to see how much is there when you retire." --Bill Ching, YMCA of the USA

Retiree Profile: Phil Wortman

"One word is key: 'Compounding.' If you save early and often, the interest will compound."-- Phil Wortman, YMCA of West Central Florida

Retiree Profile: Alice Sawyer

"It’s never too early to save for retirement." -- Alice Sawyer, YUSA

Retiree Profile: Molly McGregor

"SAVE! It’s important for your future…participate fully in The Fund!" --Molly McGregor, Birmingham Metropolitan YMCA

Retiree Profile: Dale Nissley

"The key to retirement isn’t the money. Rather, it is being able to redefine who we are as we move into the next chapter of our lives." --Dale Nissley, YMCA of Central Stark County

Retiree Profile: Cathy Fromm

"Is anything so important that you can't live without it? Probably not. So instead of spending, save your money. Do it. It's worth it. You'll be glad you did!" --Cathy Fromm, Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA

Retiree Profile: Jack Tillman

"Get into the savings habit now, and you can always increase the amount in the future. And if you ever leave the Y, keep your money at the Fund. You’ll be glad that you did!"

Retiree Profile: Zera Mackie

"Make it a habit to be a strict saver and use a budget to know where your money is spent." --Zera Mackie, YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas

Retiree Profile: Jerry James

"Save whatever you can. Start putting extra money in the Fund. Look to the future even when you are starting out and probably struggling." --Jerry James, YMCA of Greater San Antonio

Retiree Profile: Ron Sargent

"Start saving as soon as possible in a 403(b) Smart Account (at any level), and get into the habit of saving for your future." --Ron Sargent, YMCA Retirement Fund

Retiree Profile: Bill MacAfee

"Be prepared to be retired for 20-30 years. It’s a major part of your life, so you can’t just think short term about it." --Bill MacAfee, YMCA of Greater Boston

Retiree Profile: Bea Halk

"Every time you get a raise, put all of it into your savings at the Fund. You didn’t have it yesterday, so you won’t miss it tomorrow!" --Bea Halk, YMCA of San Diego County

Retiree Profile: John Carney

"Save as much as you can. When you get a raise, put some of it into savings. Minimize your debt; don’t overextend yourself." --John Carney, Metropolitan Augusta YMCA

Retiree Profile: Barb Taylor

"Be smart with your money. Think about seeing a financial advisor well in advance. They will help you prepare for retirement." --Barb Taylor, YMCA of Greenwich Inc.

Retiree Profile: Nancy Reece

"Start [saving] with your first paycheck and make saving a consistent discipline! It pays off big time!" --Nancy Reece, YMCA of Middle Tennessee

Retiree Profile: Jim Havlick

"Besides investing financially with the Y Retirement Fund for your future economic security, don't forget to invest in your relationships with other Y staff...." --Jim Havlick, YMCA of Greater New York

Retiree Profile: Ellie Murphy

"Save a little extra but also live life now. Be in the moment. You can do both!" --Ellie Murphy, The YMCA of Eastern Union County

Retiree Profile: Pat Ritter

"Max out what you can save. Live below your means. Don’t get into debt. Drive an older car. And give generously to worthy causes!" --Pat Ritter, YMCA of Southern Nevada

Retiree Profile: Ralph Christian

"When I compare notes with my friends who did not work for the Y, I find that the Y's retirement program is competitive with any other." --Ralph Christian, YMCA of Greater New York

Retiree Profile: Chuck Harris

"When I compare notes with my friends they are awed by what we have as a retirement program in the Y." --Chuck Harris, YMCA of South Hampton Roads, VA

Retiree Profile: Terri Texeira

"I didn't realize how blessed I was to have a Y career, and little did I know what a blessed retirement I'd have!" --Terri Texeira, YMCA of San Francisco

Retiree Profile: Jean Carmichael

"Take a year before committing to anything new." -- Jean Carmichael, YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth, TX

Retiree Profile: Gary Green

"None of my non-YMCA friends have what I have--an annuity for life with total protection from risk." --Gary Green, YMCA of the Brandywine Valley, PA

Retiree Profile: Larry Rosen

"A wise soul once explained to me: “Retire TO, not FROM." --Larry Rosen, YMCA of Metro Los Angeles. CA

Retiree Profile: Jan Brucato

"Don't let things in front of you now prevent you from planning for your future. Save early." --Jan Brucato, Y-USA

Retiree Profile: Linda Garcia

"Material things won't make you happy in your life, so start saving now." --Linda Garcia, YMCA of Greater Hartford, CT

Retiree Profile: Linda Petrecca

"Compared to my husband’s 401(k) -- which was hit hard during 2008-09 -- my money at the Fund never decreased." --Linda Petrecca, YMCA of the Brandywine Valley, PA

Retiree Profile: Judy Hart

"What’s special about the YMCA is the sense of community that members and staff find there. It’s got an amazing feeling of camaraderie." --Judy Hart, Brandywine Valley YMCA, PA

Retiree Profile: Fred Bradley

"Start early and keep saving throughout your career. You’ll be glad that you did!" --Fred Bradley, Metro Atlanta YMCA

Retiree Profile: Lowell Overby

"We all know that plans do not necessarily work out the way we envisioned, so save more than you think you can save for retirement." --Lowell Overby, Y-USA

Retiree Profile: Gary Graham

"I feel unbelievable gratitude for the YMCA's retirement program." --Gary Graham, Y-USA

Retiree Profile: Barry Taylor

"I had all the confidence in the world that the Fund would be there for me at retirement, and it was." --Barry Taylor, YMCA of Greater Richmond, VA

Retiree Profile: Dave Thornton

" Save as much as you can, as early as you can." --Dave Thornton, YMCA of Santa Clara County, CA

Retiree Profile: Bill Cameron

"Having a lifetime annuity is an enormous stress-reducer for YMCA people. We don’t ever have to worry about our retirement income running out." --Bill Cameron, Y-USA

Retiree Profile: Myrtis Meyer

"Don't be afraid to retire!" --Myrtis Meyer, Y-USA

Retiree Profile: Chuck Dandridge

$1 saved on your first day is worth a lot more than $1 saved on your last day. --Chuck Dandrige, Cleveland County YMCA, Norman, OK