How The Fund Works

Investments & Performance
Investment Staff

Since 1922, the YMCA Retirement Fund has pursued sound investment strategies with highly qualified and seasoned investment professionals.

Hunter S. Reisner

Chief Investment Officer

Suleyman Gokcan

Director of Investment Risk

Ivan Manolov

Senior Portfolio Manager - Private Investments

Mark Sinni

Senior Portfolio Manager

Peter Lee

Portfolio Manager

Matthew Hershey

Investment Manager

John Maimone-Medwick

Senior Investment Associate

Erik Moss

Senior Investment Associate

Erik Strobel

Senior Investment Associate

Nicholas Pon

Senior Investment Associate

Ned Cooley

Senior Investment Analyst

Matthew Hoffman

Senior Investment Analyst

Eleanor Miller

Investment Analyst

Aaron Blum

Risk Management & Investment Analyst

Denita Grinnard

Cash Manager

Kathleen Sammartino

Administrative Assistant