How The Fund Works

Investments & Performance

Review the Fund’s investment performance and learn more about its diverse, high-quality portfolio. Performance results are updated after the close of each quarter.

Investment Review

The Fund’s Chief Investment Officer offers a detailed review of the Fund’s investment performance.

Current Performance

Compare the Fund’s performance against its benchmarks.

Funding Level History

The primary challenge has been to exceed 100% funding for the safety and security of our participants.

Asset Class Range

See how each asset class in the Fund’s portfolio was weighted last quarter, and how they correspond to the allowable ranges for each class.

Portfolio Table

The Fund has a balanced portfolio, designed to withstand market volatility and mitigate risk. See how the Fund invested last quarter.

Asset Allocation Charts

The Fund invests in a wide range of assets for the purpose of diversification, which results in lower risk. Here’s a closer look at the categories that make up our investment portfolio.

Policy & Guidelines

To maximize returns and minimize risk for career Y employees, the Fund manages its portfolio according to its long-term investment philosophy and objectives.

How the Fund Compares

See how the Fund's interest rates and investment performance compare against similar investment vehicles and the market in general.

Investment Staff

Since 1922, the YMCA Retirement Fund has pursued sound investment strategies with highly qualified and seasoned investment professionals.