How The Fund Works


Aside from you and your YMCA’s regular contributions to the Plans, there are a few other features that involve money going into, and out of, the Fund.

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Retirement Goal

The 403(b) Smart Account

Any employee of a participating Y can participate in the Savings Plan by opening a 403(b) Smart Account at any time during their Y employment.


Whatever your age, length of Y service, hours worked, or eligibility in the Retirement Plan, you can roll over qualified retirement savings into a Rollover Account in the Savings Plan.


While you are working for a participating Y, you can borrow money from your accounts in the Savings Plan — the 403(b) Smart Account and the Rollover Account.


An outline of your withdrawal options while working for the Y and after you leave the Y.

Annuity Options

If you are no longer working for a YMCA, you can start a lifetime annuity as early as age 55.