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Why Save Now
When should you start saving for retirement? The answer is simple—now! The sooner you begin saving, the more time your money has to grow.

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Start Saving

While you work toward eligibility in the Retirement Plan, you can still save for retirement by contributing to the Savings Plan. This plan does not have the eligibility requirements of the Retirement Plan, and is available to all employees of participating Ys.

Save as Much as You Can

Participate in the Savings plan by opening a 403(b) Smart Account. This account allows you to save money via payroll deduction. You can also roll over money from eligible employer plans or IRAs to a Rollover Account. There are some great reasons to save now:

  1. Account Balances Have Never Gone Down
    Your savings at the Fund are protected from market volatility.

  2. Earn Interest over Time
    Account balances at the Fund earn interest daily. Through the power of compound interest, those accounts grow faster over the years.

  3. It All Adds Up
    The table below shows how additional savings might grow over 10, 20 and 30 years. The calculations are based on 24 paychecks per year and annualized interest of 5% compounded daily.

Saving More from Each Paycheck

Additional Savings per Paycheck

Growth over 10 Years

 Growth over 20 Years

 Growth over 30 Years