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Enrollment & Eligibility

To participate in the Retirement Plan, you must meet eligibility requirements. Except in certain cases, participation in the Retirement Plan is mandatory once both requirements are met.

Determining Eligibility

Your eligibility in the Retirement Plan depends on:

  1. Y service: You must complete 1,000 hours of service during each of any two 12-month periods, beginning with your date of hire or anniversary date. The two years do not have to be consecutive.

  2. Age: Once you have completed the service requirement, you are enrolled on the first day of the month following your anniversary date, provided you are 21 years of age. If your anniversary date falls on the first of the month, you are enrolled on your anniversary date.


Once you have met the eligibility requirements, your Y will enroll you in the Retirement Plan. Upon enrollment, you are immediately vested.  

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