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News for Administrators

A newsletter for Y professionals who administer the
YMCA Retirement Fund plans at the local level.

August 2017
New Video! 6 Benefits to Rollovers
Non-Discrimination Coverage Testing
New YERDI Eligibility Tracking Report

July 2017
YMCA Collaborations and Mergers
YERDI Eligibility Tracking Enhancement- Tracking Hours
Did You Know the Fund Accepts Rollovers?

June 2017
Terminating the National Benefits Database
Timely Terminations are Important
Waiving Participation

May 2017
Action Needed- Please Clean Up Your Records
Important Information Regarding Loans
A Fund Annuity is Superior

April 2017
Free Retirement Seminar at the Fund
Counting Hours for Eligibility
Useful Report in YERDI

March 2017
Designating Beneficiaries Online
Marital Status for Plan Purposes
Excellent Service Recognized

February 2017
A Complimentary Service Available to You
New YERDI Report
Host a Seminar

January 2017
Rollin' the New Year
Encourage Retirement Savings: 10 Best Practices
Quarterly Statements are Being Mailed
Training Opportunities this Month 


December 2016
New! 2017 Transmittal Deadline Calendar
Contribution Limits for 2017 are here!
Training Opportunity this Month

November 2016
Employees Who Leave Before Enrollment Date
403(B) Smart Account Enrollment
Training Opportunities this Month

October 2016
National Save for Retirement Week
New York Retirement Seminar
Training Opportunities this Month

September 2016
Updating Beneficiaries on the Web
Timely Terminations
YERDI Fast Fact

August 2016
New Video: Saving for Retirement in 3 Simple Steps
Our 2016 Annual Report
Non-Discrimination Coverage Testing

July 2016
New Video: An Introduction to the YMCA Retirement Fund
New Warning in YERDI Eligibility Tracking
Helpful Exit Interview Tips

June 2016
3 Tips for Promoting the 403(b) Smart Account
New Video!
YERDI Updates

May 2016
YERDI Eligibility Tracking is Now Mandatory
Important Information about Authorizing Beneficiary Forms
Please Email Us if Your Employee Cannot Cover their Loan Payment

April 2016
Your Action is Needed
Promotional Materials
Compound Interest Video

March 2016
Transaction Details Now Available Online
New Materials to Help You Promote Saving in the 403(b) Smart Account
New YERDI Items

February 2016
Promoting Saving to New Hires
Available Onboarding Materials
New Video: The Big Impact of Compound Interest

January 2016
YMCA Officer Updates
YERDI Eligibility Tracking Q&A
Educational Offering for Your Employees