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Participation Benefits
Participation Benefits
  • Makes saving easy and is a retirement benefit for a low- to moderate-income workforce (85% earn $50K or less)

  • Helps Ys recruit and retain top talent

  • Offers tax-deferred saving for Y employees

A Safe Place to Save
  • Account balances have never gone down

  • Account balances are credited with daily compound interest

  • Balanced portfolio designed to protect against market volatility and mitigate risk

Dependable Income for Life
  • A lifetime annuity for retirees

  • Monthly annuity payments have never been missed

  • An annuity conversion rate typically higher than the market rate

Contribution Rates Matter

Experts recommend employees save 15% of their annual salary throughout their career to replace 85% of their final year’s salary.
At the 12% contribution rate, an employee is close to reaching the recommended savings target. Those who have a lower contribution rate from their Y would have to dedicate a significant amount of additional voluntary savings in order to reach the 15% savings
target, which is often challenging.


Save 15 percent