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Millennials and Retirement Benefits
Great benefits are critical in shaping a dedicated and loyal workforce.

Employers may benefit from greater Millennial loyalty if they broaden their attitudes and
scope of responsibility.*

YMCA Millennials make up 40% of the Fund’s participants. Today, they are taking the security of their financial future seriously by paying more attention to their employers' benefit offerings.

A recent study from MetLife* indicated:

  • 68% of the employees said that outliving their retirement savings is a top source of financial stress

  • The offering of traditional and supplemental benefits — and providing education on how they complement each other — can provide employees a solid foundation of protection

  • Millennial employees aren't just hoping for these kinds of benefits, they are expecting them

  • There is a significant shift in attitude when it comes to employers feeling the same way towards their employees' general financial well-being and ensuring they have enough money for retirement

    • Research shows that Millennials like this caring approach

Understanding how this generation thinks about their future is important to many aspects of a YMCA’s success. Y participants receive a secure monthly payment after a career of service, which provides the peace of mind needed to dedicate themselves to the Y movement.

Educate your employees on their available retirement benefits to help recruit and retain a talented workforce.

As your retirement partner, we offer many resources to you and your staff on the great retirement benefits provided. Click here to view our complimentary educational services.

*MetLife’s 17th Annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study

Infographic for Millenials