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I'm a Retiree
What You Need to Know
Retirement is a big change, one that can be both exciting and overwhelming. Here’s the Fund’s advice to help you make the transition.  


Plan for State Income Taxes

While you’ve been working, your state income taxes were withheld from your check. Now that you’re retired, you’ll be required to file either quarterly or annually (depending on your state and your income). You’ll need to make sure you’ve set aside enough to make your payment.

Be Aware of Your Health Insurance

Now that you’ve retired, you’re paying the full premium for your health insurance. Make sure you’re taking advantage of all of the benefits you’re paying for.

Keep an eye on your eligibility for Medicare. Apply for it once you’re eligible and shift your insurance coverage to a Medicare Supplemental Plan. (This will save you money on premiums.) Be aware of the various deductions you’ll have to pay under Medicare.

Maintain Old Friendships and Develop New Ones

Now that you’re retired, your friendships from the Y will be different. You’ll be there less and have less chances to interact with your old colleagues. Work on maintaining those friendships you choose to maintain. Work on meeting new people and developing new friendships. 

Plan Your Day

While you were working, it’s likely someone else determined what you’d be doing for most of your day. Make sure you make some decisions on how you’ll use your time. Try new things. Involve yourself in meaningful activities. Make sure you have a reason to get up in the morning!