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Emergency Grants for Retirees

The Fund offers onetime financial support to retirees in crisis.

Once retired from the Y, our participants and their beneficiaries receive a steady stream of income for life with the savings they built during their Y careers. Yet, if a serious and unforeseen emergency should arise, some may find that they need special assistance.

The YMCA Retirement Fund’s Retiree Emergency Assistance Program offers onetime financial support to Y retirees who find themselves in a financial crisis. This program is supported through generous donations raised at the Fund’s annual Harold C. Smith Award Dinner.

Grants from the Retiree Emergency Assistance Program are given for emergencies that resulted in unpaid bills in one of the following three categories:

  • Medical: Expenses incurred by retiree, their spouse and/or dependents that cause extreme hardship (Cost of health insurance itself does NOT qualify as a medical emergency.)

  • Shelter: Expenses to avoid eviction from, or foreclosure upon, a primary residence

  • Catastrophe: An economic hardship resulting from an act of nature or other catastrophic event

To apply for a grant, download the Retiree Emergency Assistance Program grant application

If you have any questions, please send an email to