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My Saving Story

“My future is vastly important to me and the Fund
allows me to see the big picture for years to come.”
— Gailmarie Sprague

My Saving Story Gail

What is your saving story?

"I know that I should shoot for a total of 15% in savings per year into the Fund, but it is hard to put any more than 1% into my 403(b) because of student loans and other expenses.... I would like to cross the threshold into 15% total [retirement savings] within the next year. "

What does the Fund do for you?

"[The Fund] provides an unparalleled security system for not only my future, but those of my potential family."

What do you picture doing in retirement?

"I'm one of those people who will probably always work, even if it's just volunteering. I'd like to travel and perhaps get an RV instead of living in a stationary location. It would be nice to see the world."

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