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Most experts will recommend you save a total of 15% of your income each year throughout your career. This is a combination of your contributions to retirement savings, along with any contributions made by your Y. Someone who saves a little for a long time is better off than a person who starts later and saves more.

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The more you save in your 20s, the faster your retirement savings will grow. Many of today's young workers pass on the opportunity to save for retirement early, when the beauty of compounding interest can work its magic and maximize savings.

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Open a 403(b) Smart Account

Thousands of Y employees are voluntarily saving their own tax-deferred dollars with the Fund. There is no minimum amount required to open an account, and any Y employee can open an account at any time. You can change or stop the amount you save at any time, and there is no minimum balance to keep your account open, as long as you are working for the Y.

Save more in a 403(b) Smart Account today!