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Transmitting Payments
Payments to the Fund
Method of Payment Details

ACH Debit

To get started, complete this form and fax it to: 646-458-2664.


Mail all checks to:
YMCA Retirement Fund
Newark Post Office
PO Box 35551
Newark, NJ 07193-5551

Wire Transfer

Request our bank information by sending an email to:

Payment Timeliness

Print the Transmittal Calendar for YMCAs to be sure your payments are on time.

Read more on the timing of remittance and ERISA regulations.

Ys with Past Due Contributions

Ys that have past due amounts will receive a statement from the Fund. Letters will be sent to the delinquent Y’s CEO, CFO and CVO. In addition, these delinquencies are reported to Y-USA Network Consultants. This sharing of information is to alert national staff about Ys that might be having financial difficulties. On occasion, the Fund’s internal audit staff will conduct on-site reviews to assess a Y’s compliance with government and Fund rules.

Contact the Fund’s Finance Department immediately to discuss options if your Y is having difficulty complying with these rules. Continual non-payment of contributions can result in expulsion from the Plan.

Forfeitures as Credits

When a non-vested participant leaves and does not return to active Y service within six years, they forfeit the balance (contributions and interest) in their YMCA Account (Legacy). This is called a "forfeiture credit." Ys receiving forfeiture credits will receive a notice from the Fund in December and the credit amount will be made available in YERDI when you go to close your transmittal. Forfeitures can be used to reduce future Y contributions (not participant amounts).