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Retirement Benefits
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Retirement Goal

Applying for Retirement Benefits

Participants can retire and begin receiving an annuity as early as age 55, regardless of their length of service, providing that their account balance in a plan is $5,000 or more.

Participants can get an annuity estimate online for any planned retirement age by logging on to the website with their username and password and using the Annuity Estimate Calculator.

When a participant is ready to retire, they must contact the Fund 60-90 days prior to their desired annuity start date to request the annuity documents. Please advise the participant to read all the information carefully, complete and have the forms notarized where required, and send back to the Fund on a timely basis.

Disability Retirement

The Fund offers retirement benefits if a participant is totally and permanently physically or mentally incapacitated for the performance of duty and cannot engage in any gainful employment.

To qualify for a disability annuity, a participant must:

  • Have had contributions made to their basic account every month for at least five years and be under age 60,       

  • Have become disabled while they worked for a participating Y,       

  • Have not withdrawn their basic accounts since leaving a Y,       

  • Contact the Fund within six months after terminating Y employment for the necessary forms, and       

  • Be approved by the Fund’s disability claims administrator.