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Retirement Planning Basics

See how much to contribute

Limits 2021 sidebar imageContribution Limits Calculator
Determine the maximum amount your employees can contribute 


Getting Started

The Plans - YERDI - Helpful Resources

Onboarding Procedures

Employee Handbook Language - New Hire Resources


Retirement Plan Requirements - Late Enrollments - Waivers

The Definition of Compensation

Amounts to Include for Plan Purposes

Loans & Hardship Withdrawals

Loan Process - Managing Loan Payments - Hardship Withdrawals

Employee Information Updates

Changes to: Contact Information - Name - Marital Status - Beneficiaries

Overview of the Accounts

Retirement Plan Accounts - Savings Plan Accounts

Transmitting Payments

Payment Methods and Timeliness - Past Due Contributions - Forfeitures

Leaving the Y

Termination Process - Distributions - Other Leave Types

Returning to Y Employment

Collecting an annuity while working for the Y - Retirees Returning to Work

Participation Rates

Retirement Plan Contribution Choices - Breakdown of Rates

Unique Eligibility Cases

Previous Service - Rehires - Special Cases - Returning Retirees

Auditing and Tax Reporting

Non-Discrimination Coverage Testing - IRS Form W2 - Insurance

Retirement Benefits

Applying for Retirement Benefits - Disability Retirement