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Notice to New Hires

Use this sample wording in your onboarding materials.

Welcome New Employee!

As an employee of _____________________ (YMCA), you can build your savings with the YMCA Retirement Fund.

Start today by opening and saving with the Fund’s 403(b) Smart Account. This account is available to every employee of our Y, regardless of age or hours worked. The more money you save in a 403(b) Smart Account, the lower your taxable salary, the less tax you pay, and the faster your savings will grow. You can also roll over money from eligible employer plans or IRAs into a Rollover Account.

Once you meet eligibility requirements, our Y will enroll you in the Retirement Plan. The Plan provides retirement and other benefits for Y employees and their designated beneficiaries. All of the staff at our Y become eligible to participate in the Plan when they are age 21 or older and have completed 1,000 hours of service within each of any 2 years, beginning with their date of hire. These two years are not required to be consecutive.

A more detailed description of the Eligibility and Enrollment rules can be found on the YMCA Retirement Fund’s website:

Terms of this Y’s Participation in the Retirement Plan
Contributions to your accounts are based on your compensation. As of _______________ (dd/mm/yyyy), our Y participates in the Retirement Plan as follows:

 Y's Contributions: ______%   
 + Your Contributions: ______%  
 Total Contributions ______%  (Total must be 8%, 9%, 10%, 11% or 12%)


The Y reserves the right to amend its participation in the Plan at any time within the terms and conditions set by the Y, the Plan and the YMCA Retirement Fund.