Annual Reports

2020 Annual Report

Board of Trustees

William D. Rueckert, Chair
Oyster Management Group, LLC,
Southport, CT

Denise L. Day, Vice Chair
President and CEO,
YMCA of Greater Brandywine,
West Chester, PA

Mark Baumgartner
Chief Investment Officer,
Institute for Advanced Study,
Princeton, NJ

Barbara A. Bettin
President and CEO,
YMCA of Lincoln, NE

Angela Brock-Kyle
Founder and CEO of B.O.A.R.D.S.,
Larchmont, NY

Patricia Haverland
Retired Vice President and CIO for Siemens,
North America Pensions,
Madison, NJ

Stephen A. Ives
Cheyenne Petroleum Company,
Oklahoma City, OK

Jurij Z. Kushner
Retired Vice President and Corporate Controller,
Bausch & Lomb,
Fairport, NY

D. Scott Luttrell
Founder, CEO and Chief Investment Officer,
LCM Group, Inc.,
Dallas, TX

Robert T. Lutts
Founder, President and Chief Investment Officer,
Cabot Wealth Management, Inc.,
Salem, MA

Eric K. Mann
President and CEO,
YMCA of Florida's First Coast,
Jacksonville, FL

Christine C. Marcks
Retired President and CEO,
Prudential Retirement,
New Castle, NH

David M. Martin
Foster Holdings, Inc.,
Pittsburgh, PA

Sandra J. Morander
President and CEO,
YMCA of Greater San Antonio, TX

W. Kelvin Walker
Chief Executive Officer,
Dallas Citizens Council,
Dallas, TX

Joseph R. Weist
Chief Financial Officer,
YMCA of Greater Hartford, CT

Retiree Liaison

Reid S. Thebault
Retired CEO,
YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit, MI

Senior Leadership

Scott Dolfi
President and CEO

Vanessa A. Boulous
Chief Operations Officer – External

Vincent M. De Sio
Chief Financial Officer

James G. Kirschner
Chief Strategy Officer

John Quiñones
General Counsel

Hunter S. Reisner
Chief Investment Officer

Gerard Rescigno
Chief Information Officer

Marcela Deitrich
Senior Vice President – Customer Service & Marketing

Elizabeth Delgado
Vice President – Human Resources

Suleyman Gokcan
Director of Investment Risk

Kerri R. Hayes
Assistant General Counsel

Elizabeth A. Kurilla
Vice President – Internal Audit

Lisa Worthy
Senior Vice President – Finance

Independent Consultants

Actuary: Buck

Attorney: Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP

Auditor: KPMG LLP

Custodian Bank: JP Morgan Chase

Investment Consultants: Cambridge Associates

Total & Permanent Disability Claims Administrator: Lincoln Life Assurance Company of Boston