Operations Report

“Our ultimate goal
is to be a valued partner in your retirement planning.


The primary focus of the YMCA Retirement Fund’s Operational Teams is to ensure that Y staff have an exceptional retirement benefit, as well as access to tools and resources that give them a better understanding of these benefits. Our ultimate goal is to be a valued partner in your retirement planning.

Saving for Retirement Made Easy

Saving for retirement is often perceived as daunting. It is our goal to make this process as easy as possible. By attending education sessions, logging on to the Fund’s website or contacting our top-rated customer service department, you are taking ownership of your retirement planning.

Our communication efforts continued this past year via a comprehensive, targeted messaging program, whose primary goal was to provide useful information to encourage participants to save more in the voluntary tax-deferred 403(b) Smart Account. We are pleased to report that we have seen a significant increase in participation over these past few years.

A Solid Pension Plan for YMCAs

Solid Pension PlanThis year the Y Relations Team embarked on a leadership education campaign to assist YMCAs in better understanding and explaining to their staff the value of the YMCA Retirement Fund and the benefits it provides.

Knowing that local Ys make key decisions in their benefit programs jointly with volunteer board members, the Fund developed a brochure to explain the various aspects of the pension program, including the key areas of how the Fund operates.

Next, the Contribution Rate Analysis for Your YMCA was created so that local YMCAs could more easily see the demographics of who benefits from the retirement program within their individual organization, including average compensation and tenure, as well as a cost analysis of the program.

Securing your Personal Information

Next to our participants and their money that we manage, data is the Fund’s most valuable asset. Our databases contain a wealth of information regarding our participants, from the time they enroll with the Fund, through their YMCA career and into their retirement. But in this day and age where identity theft is an ever-present concern, the Fund takes extraordinary steps to ensure that your personal information is safe and secure.

Every year, the Fund invests considerable time and resources into ensuring that the data stored within its systems is as secure as possible. The Fund’s highly-skilled Information Technology staff partner with leading providers of cybersecurity services to continuously review, test and improve upon the technical infrastructure of the Fund as well as the plethora of security policies and procedures in place to help fortify that infrastructure.

Regular testing of our security infrastructure continues to confirm that the safety of your data is up to par with what is expected from a financial service organization like the Fund. However, you may be assured that we will never rest on our laurels. As reported in the press, new methods of breaching defenses are constantly being developed.

We take your faith in us very seriously and will continue to focus on ensuring that your personal information remains as safe and secure as your retirement benefit.

New Leadership Page on Website

Our Marketing Team is continuously brainstorming better ways to educate participants and leaders on all the Fund has to offer. To help facilitate this endeavor, we have redesigned the “Y Leadership” page on our website to better serve those who help make benefits decisions. The page can be found here.

In addition, we produced a new video in which Y staff who participate in the Fund provide testimonials and explain the value they see in this benefit as well as what it truly means to them.

Additional Retirement Planning Resources

Finally, we are pleased to share that we have expanded our Retirement Strategies: Creating Your Plan seminar, offering those age 50 and over a chance to attend this impactful session. You can view where and when the course is being offered throughout the country—hopefully in a location convenient for you—by clicking here. We also invite local Y’s to host the course.

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