Operations Report

“Our ultimate
goal is to be a
valued partner in your retirement planning

The primary focus of the YMCA Retirement Fund’s Operational Teams is to ensure that Y Staff have a superior retirement benefit, as well as access to tools and resources that help them have a better understanding of these benefits. Our ultimate goal is to be a valued partner in your retirement planning.

Saving for Retirement Made Easy

Retirement planning is often perceived as daunting. It is our goal to make this process as easy as possible. By attending an education session, logging on the Fund’s website or calling our top-rated customer service department, you are taking ownership of your retirement planning. 

Our communication efforts continued this past year through a comprehensive targeted messaging program, with a primary goal to provide useful information to encourage participants to save more in the voluntary tax-deferred 403(b) Smart Account.

Online Retirement Tools

This year, our Customer Service and Information Technology teams partnered to expand our self-service tools on the Fund’s website. Two highly-anticipated features were implemented.

The first exciting feature added this year was the ability to view detailed transaction listings of all activity in participant accounts for the prior quarter. This feature allows participants to dig deeper into how their accounts grow. Enhancements to this tool in the coming months will allow for the review of additional past transactions, as well as the ability to download the data for use in money management software.

Transaction Graphic

Following the success of our online 403(b) Smart Account Loan program, the Fund implemented a completely online solution for account withdrawals as our second new feature. Participants no longer employed by the Y are now able to request and track the progress of withdrawal requests without having to call or e-mail the Fund. 

Educating Participants with Videos

Our Marketing Team continues to brainstorm better ways to educate participants on all the Fund has to offer. To help facilitate this, we have begun producing short videos to explain difficult concepts in simple terms. Producing videos in “snackable chunks”—roughly 90 to 120 seconds in length—enables our participants to absorb content more easily. Each video is geared towards a select audience. Video GraphicOur first video in this series explained the concept of compound interest, a topic often difficult to comprehend, but one of the great secrets to a successful retirement program. This clip was shared with participants under age 30 in order to communicate the importance of saving early. If you haven’t seen it, please visit our website. You will find it entertaining, and very insightful about how your money makes money at the Fund. A video covering the basics of the Fund’s retirement benefit, targeted to new hires, was launched in June. Other exciting topics will be covered in future videos.

Additional Retirement Planning Resources

Being an engaged partner requires many tools and resources to support retirement planning. This past year more than 12,000 Y staff participated in some form of education sessions offered by the Y Relations team, including approximately 1,100 who had an individual counseling session with a Fund representative. Also, hundreds of our YMCA friends stopped by our booth at the General Assembly in Kansas City.

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As always, it is our privilege to serve the great people of the Y Movement.