About Us


Trustee Commitment

The Trustees of the Fund each volunteer more than eleven days every year in fulfillment of their fiduciary obligations associated with Fund governance.

Committee Charters

The Fund’s Bylaws call for the following standing committees: Audit, Benefits & Operations, Compensation, Governance and Investment.


The Bylaws are the internal operating rules of the YMCA Retirement Fund, governing such matters as holding meetings, voting, elections and the powers of Trustees and Officers.

Whistleblower Policy

Each employee and Trustee of the YMCA Retirement Fund has an obligation to immediately report any illegal or unethical conduct In connection with the Fund’s resources or financial operations.

Conflict of Interest Policy

The Conflict of Interest Policy assures participants of the fidelity and probity of Trustees, officers and employees of the Retirement Fund.

Claims Procedures

If you do not receive the benefits you expected or if your application for benefits is denied, you may file a claim for benefits with the Retirement Fund.